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“WHO warns against SARS-like new virus as threat to the entire world.”(Business Standard, 29 May 2013)

The mortality rate from the MER-CoV virus has now hit 60%, with 30 deaths to date across the Middle East and now spreading to France, Britain and Germany (as at 1 June 2013).

Not only has this virus been in the news, but also the recent occurrence of H7N9, which has had 130 confirmed cases to date (as at 1 June 2013).

Most countries are armed with more experience to deal with such outbreaks than 10 years ago when there was the SARs outbreak. However, issues of rapid development and deployment of vaccines/drugs and efficient disease surveillance and control remain significant.

Hampered by insufficient understanding of the new viruses, efficient and effective contingency planning is in particular important to containing the spread of a new disease.

Delegates during a Life Science conference.

Networking session during a Life Science conference.

IBC Asia’s Pandemic Preparedness Asia 2013 Conference brings together international and regional experts in one platform to review strategies and best practices to deal with a potential pandemic.

In addition, issues with establishing sustainable public-private partnerships to effectively address the looming threats of novel viruses will be critically examined.

Why You Must Attend This Year’s Event
  • Evaluate the best practices in pandemic preparedness and response at regional, national and institutional level.
  • Examine current gaps in disease surveillance & control and the solutions.
  • Identify key success factors to establishing sustainable public-private partnerships in development and supply of vaccines, antiviral drugs and diagnostics.
  • Explore emerging commercial opportunities for involvement in pandemic preparedness and response.

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Event Enquiry
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Featuring International Keynotes:

Dr. Masato Tashiro
Director – Center for Influenza Virus Research,
WHO Collaborating Centre for References & Research on Influenza, National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan

Updates from Public Health Authorities

Dr. Chong Chee Kheong
Director, Disease Control Division
Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Dr. Pudjiatmoko
Director of Animal Health
Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services, Indonesia

Dr. Moe Ko Oo
Board Member and Head of Secretariat
Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Foundation, Thailand

Leading Healthcare Institutions

Dr. Ling Moi Lin
Senior Consultant, Director of Infection Control, Singapore General Hospital & President, Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control, Singapore

Dr. Hsueh Po Ren
Chief of Division of Clinical Microbiology, Department of Laboratory Medicine
National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), Taiwan

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